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The Course Catalog of the Institute of Sport and Sport Science is published here during the semester break before the start of the new semester. The event overview contains information about the offer within the individual modules, the lecturers, event times and venues as well as possible access requirements. In addition, each event in the event directory is already assigned an event number. This is relevant when the period is released for online dial-in, since during this dial-in process one selects the respective event based on the number assigned to it. The University Calendar of the University of Kassel is an annotated version. This means that in addition to the information about the lecturer, the event times and locations, information about the specific content, objectives and requirements of the event are formulated.

The online course catalog of the University of Kassel

At the University of Kassel, the dial-in for the sports courses takes place online. The period of online dial-in is during the semester break and will be announced here. Clicking on the information about the dial-in period takes you to the institute's page, where it is explained how the dial-in takes place. Thereby one gets information about the required login name and the individual password for the students. To help students understand the dial-in process, a fact sheet is provided to answer any unanswered questions. Once the student dial-in process is understood, the next step is for students to click the Online Course Dial-in button to complete their individual enrollment. Dial-in is done through a ranking process. Therefore, students must assign a priority to each course during the dial-in process.

The dial-in procedure via the registration system is only available for students in their 2nd semester or higher. Course selection for students in their first semester of study takes place during the introductory sessions. Students from the 2nd semester onwards who wish to take the courses Target Shooting Games and Rebound Games in the coming semester should contact Dr. Andreas Albert. 

If you have any questions about the registration system, please contact Kristina Isermann. Questions about individual courses and the allocation of places should be addressed directly to the relevant lecturers.

In the upcoming winter semester 2023/2024, dial-in will take place in the following periods:

  • 1st phase: 18.09. - 24.09.2023
  • 2nd phase: 02.10. - 08.10.2023

The following link will take you to the enrollment system:


Students can inform themselves in advance about the preliminary course offerings for the summer semester on the Institute's homepage under the quicklinks. Furthermore, a manual is available for dealing with the online selection procedure.