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Sports teaching

The teacher training program at the University of Kassel is attractive, varied and broadly based in theory and practice. In addition to the typical school sports such as apparatus gymnastics, gymnastics and dance, athletics, swimming or the ball sports, the sports studies are divided into the two areas of subject science and subject didactics. Theory and practice are very closely intertwined. Our special concern is to promote the students' professional and personal competencies, and we attach great importance to intensive support.

At the Institute for Sport and Sport Science of the University of Kassel (IfSS), the subject Sport can be studied for a teaching degree for the following school types: Teacher training at elementary schools, secondary schools and grammar schools. Another option is to study sport as a second subject within the framework of the degree programs in vocational and business education. Subject-related scientific and subject-related didactic study and examination contents are roughly equal.

The subject-specific content is distributed among four theoretical fields: Sports Education and Didactics, Exercise and Training Science, Sports Psychology and Sociology, and Sports Medicine and Biology. These are generally offered in the form of interdisciplinary lectures, seminars, exercises and colloquia.

The subject didactic-methodical training refers to the known eight school physical activity fields. Within the framework of the subject didactic basic courses, we offer special training courses to the students of the teaching profession at elementary schools, which contributes to a special didactic qualification in this teaching profession.

The offer is extended beyond the teacher training courses to the extracurricular professional field of sports and health. At the same time, we offer many opportunities to acquire additional qualifications. The IfSS is a partner university of top-class sports and has repeatedly achieved top positions in the CHE ranking.

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Sport (elementary school)

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Sport (Hauptschule and Realschule)

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Sport (grammar school)

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