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The University of Kassel offers the opportunity to study sport as a teacher in the following teacher training programs:

  • Teaching degree for elementary school (L1)
  • Teaching degree for Hauptschulen and Realschulen (L2)
  • Teaching degree for grammar schools (L3)
  • Teaching degree for vocational grammar schools (L4)
  • Teaching degree for special needs education with a focus on inclusion (L5)
You apply for the desired degree program and then select your subject combination.

The aim of the sports teaching degree program is to impart basic knowledge and skills in the scientific and didactic areas of sport so that students can demonstrate these at a high level of performance and apply them in the classroom. The didactics of sport and the teaching of sport are of particular importance.

A sports aptitude test must be successfully completed before starting the course. General abilities in endurance, speed/speed, strength and coordination as well as sport-specific abilities in swimming, team sports and gymnastics are tested.

Currently, more than 600 student teachers are studying sport at the Institute for Sport and Sport Science at the University of Kassel. Each semester, around 80 courses are offered in sports science and didactics in the following areas: Education and Teaching, Psychology and Society, Training and Movement, and Theory and Practice of Sports.

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