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For participation in the sports aptitude test at the University of Kassel, it is highly recommended to practice the various test items beforehand and to prepare for the specific requirements. For specific preparation, the Institute of Sport and Sport Science offers video recordings on the exact test structure, performance and performance requirements. These video recordings, as well as the template "Contents, Performance Requirements and Scoring Standards", have proven to be very helpful for the participants of the sports test.

Information about the exercise dates

The practice dates are organized by our student council. On these days you can practice the individual test items under guidance and get help and feedback from our sports students.

Exercise dates

Currently, no exercise dates can be offered. As soon as this is possible again, we will inform you here about the possibilities.

Detailed list of requirements

SkillsMinimum requirements


12 minutes - run ("Cooper-Test") 

- Women: 2000 m

- Men: 2500 m


20 m - sprint from high start

- Women: 4,0 sec.

- Men: 3,6 sec.


Jump & Reach


Medicine ball long throw

- Women: 40 cm

- Men: 50 cm


- Women: 6,50 m

- Men: 10,00 m


Combination exercise parallel bars and rings

- Evaluation of the task by the testers

Coordination under time pressure

Viennese coordination course


Coordination under rhythm requirements 

Exercise 1 with rope or

Exercise 2 with music

- Women: 38 sec.

- Men: 35 sec.


- Evaluation of the task

  by the testers



Swimming- German lifeguard badge in bronze  

Team sports

Demonstration of two sports (in 3:3)

Possible sports: Basketball, Soccer, Handball, Volleyball

- Evaluation of the game

  by the testers




High bar (upward swing, downward swing and upward swing)

Floor (handstand with roll, wheel, roll backwards, stretch jumps, turns)

Horse jump (squat jump over the horse)

- Evaluation of the

  tasks by the  



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