Results for the "Sustainability" brainstorming session

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"Results on Brainstorming for a Sustainable University."

On the occasion of the 6th Hessian Sustainability Day, the university initiated a participatory process with a brainstorming on the topic of sustainability and invited students and employees to digitally submit a statement, a wish or an idea for a sustainable university.

Among the 160 contributions submitted, many ideas and suggestions were received, dealing with topics such as nutrition, mobility, the design of space on campus, the use or ordering of recycled paper and sustainable office supplies, and the installation of drinking water dispensers. Wishes were also expressed with regard to sustainability-related research and teaching, e.g. the introduction of compulsory sustainability teaching in the course of studies and better internal as well as supra-regional networking. In addition, concrete ideas for improved coordination structures for the sustainability area as well as for improved information work and awareness-raising on environmental and sustainability aspects were put forward.

A large number of the students show great motivation and commitment in terms of participation and making contributions. However, they would also like the university to create appropriate framework conditions for participation in the future. 

The results were processed and compiled into a priority list of measures as well as into a list of measures with operational improvement suggestions , since the highest number of submissions was received for the operation with 160 contributions. These processed results will also be presented to the university management in January /2021. We will continuously report on the implementation status on of this website! In addition, individual measures were also transferred to the EMAS pilot project

Timeline on the implementation status of ideas and suggestions for improvement:

A transparent participatory process

We take your ideas and wishes seriously and would be pleased if you would like to follow the process of implementing the results from the brainstorming action. 

All contributions are seen as helpful suggestions for research, teaching and operations, which should find their consideration in future planning. Even if we only move forward in small steps, we hope that the university will take up many of your suggestions on the way to a sustainable development of the university and implement them in the short as well as in the long term.