Kassel Graduate Programme

The Kassel Graduate Programme is open to interested doctoral candidates from all areas of specialisation.

 Masters students can also participate in the introductory courses of "Writing an Exposé" and "Getting a Doctorate from A–Z".

Note: Only members and affiliates of the University of Kassel can participate in the programme. For example, this includes cooperative doctorates or supervision by a member of the University of Kassel. You must prove your affiliation through a suitable document (e.g. notice of acceptance as a doctoral candidate, signed supervisory agenda, employment contract or the like).

You can find details on the prerequisites for the participation in the Kassel Graduate Programme in the following document: Eligibility requirements

The Kassel Graduate Programme is a transferrable skills further qualification programme with courses offered by various central facilities at the University of Kassel. It includes offers for the preparation and support of academic qualification work, but also for competence development at the university workplace, as well as for orientation with regard to the subsequent career steps in academics, business and society.

At least 60 work units (or 60 hours) must be completed in order to receive a certificate of completion.

The modularised further qualification programme consists of three phases:

  • The entry phase has an open design and also provides advanced students with insights into academic work.
  • The qualification process usually extends throughout the entire doctoral period and imparts competencies in five areas of expertise: academics, self-organisation, higher education didactics, projects and transfers and communication.
  • The final phase focuses on the defence of the qualification thesis, further career planning and entry into the profession.

A fee of 30 euros is due upon registration for the Kassel Graduate Programme. In addition, there are fees for the individual workshops.

The amount of the fees for workshops is determined by the faculty offering them. They primarily depend on the length of the workshop, the group of persons (doctoral candidates, postdocs or professors) and the lecturers.

Doctoral candidates and postdocs pay a portion of the incurred costs for the courses offered by the Kassel Graduate Programme. Professors can register for the remaining spaces at fees that cover the costs.

The following overview provides you with an orientation value for the participation fees:

Registration/Type of workshop

Doctoral students



Registration fee

30 Euro

30 Euro

Registration not possible

Two hours

(2 points) or half day

(4 points)

Usually free of charge

Usually free of charge

Usually free of charge

One day

(8 points)

30 Euro

30 Euro

150 Euro

Two day

(16 points)

60 Euro

60 Euro

300 Euro

*For this group of persons, participation in the advanced training is only possible if free spaces are still available.

Resolution on the fee schedule

Course offer

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