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Due to the increasing number of students at Universities of Applied Sciences (Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften – HAW), the universities’ demand for more skilled applicants is rising as well.

At the same time, it has become visible that the degree of familiarity of this career path is still relatively low.

For this reason, the University of Kassel as well as the Hochschule Fulda decided to launch a ten months lasting further qualification programme, which is financed by funds of the BMBF (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung). The aim of “quali.prof@HAW” consists of increasing the interest of Postdocs and PhDs in their completion phase, as well as preparing and qualifying them for obtaining and leading a professorship for Applied Sciences in a structured way.

Due to the cooperation the events will take place in Fulda as well as in Kassel. The participants will therefore visit events at both facility locations.

The advantages of an HAW professorship are obvious:

- Teaching and research have an application-related focus. This eliminates the need to decide between science and practice.
- The high degree of planning security makes it easier to reconcile career and family.
- There is no compulsion to acquire third-party funding.
- The hierarchical structures are flat and collegial.
- Active participation in academic self-administration is an integral part of the professorship.
- The proximity to the students is great.
- It is a secure workplace.
- There is an active exchange with institutions outside the university (e.g. in the form of concepts for further education for partners from practice or in knowledge and technology transfer).

Accordingly, the program objective is to...

- Getting to know the job description.
- Acquiring basic key qualifications for an HAW professorship.
- Planning one's own career path and next steps on the way to an HAW professorship.
- Networking with peers to enable knowledge and experience transfer.

Structure and content of the program

Source: Fulda University of Applied Sciences, Dr. Maria Neumann

The program consists of four modules and a supporting program.

The framework program includes the kick-off event and a closing event.

In total, the training program comprises around 95 hours of events and three to four individual coaching sessions. Most of the events take place during the week, some also at weekends.

The requirements for leaders in universities differ in many areas from the requirements outside the university context. For this reason, the participants in this module deal with their role as a leader and the special features of leadership in the university context, reflect on their leadership skills and receive an overview of different leadership styles.

At the same time, they gain insight into the areas of labor law, personnel planning and managing their own budget.

This module takes place partly in Fulda and partly in Kassel.

In three to four sessions, participants engage in 1:1 coaching to discuss their professional goals and identify the next milestones on the path to an HAW professorship. Since the content of the coaching is worked out together on an individual basis, topics such as strategies for dealing with stress in a way that promotes health, self-management, and the compatibility of family and career (etc.) are also conceivable.

In this module, the participants gain knowledge about the structures of academic self-administration and committee work, get an insight into the current developments and challenges of the higher education landscape and learn about the specifics of the job profile of HAW professorships (among other things) through expert interviews with professors of an HAW.

In addition, the participants gain knowledge about the process of applying for a HAW professorship (i.e. the appointment procedure), which is relevant and useful both in the medium term for their own application for a professorship and in the long term for participation in an appointment committee.

This module takes place partly in Fulda and partly in Kassel.

In this module, participants will focus on project management. The content covers the planning and initiation of projects, the acquisition of (third-party) funding, project management (such as project phases, milestones and the schedule), project controlling and the visualization and presentation of results.

This module takes place exclusively in Kassel.


Applications will be accepted from 15.04.2023 to 15.05.2023.
In addition to the completed profile form(here), a letter of motivation must be submitted, which should not exceed three pages.

Please send your application to: qualiprof@uni-kassel.de

We would like to invite you to a digital information event on 04.05.2023 starting at 17h (link see below)

Further links:

Calendar of events at the Kassel site

Registered participants of the quali.prof@haw program can register for the events taking place in Kassel via the Campus Events platform(here) of the University of Kassel.

Project Coordinator

Dr. Sarah Schönweitz
University of Kassel - Graduate Academy

Mail: qualiprof@uni-kassel.de
Phone: +49 561 804 7742
Fax: +49 561 804 2226

Mönchebergstrasse 19
34109 Kassel

Project coordinator (Fulda site)

Dr. Maria Neumann
University of Applied Sciences Fulda

Mail: maria.neumann@verw.hs-fulda.de
Phone: +49 661 9640 1913
Fax: +49 661 9640 159

Building 41
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