Suitability test

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To enter the music teacher training program, you must pass an aptitude test at the University of Kassel. In the aptitude test you demonstrate your previous education and your potential for development on a chordal instrument and in singing, as well as another instrument if necessary. We do not require artistic excellence, but we do require careful preparation that shows that you meet the requirements of the intended profession.

Exemplary requirements for the teaching profession at grammar schools

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Information on the application procedure for the music qualifying examination

Exam dates 2023

The qualifying examination will be held on June 16 and 17, 2023.
The application deadline has been extended to 15.05.2023.

Examination regulations for the qualifying examination

Artistic-practical part

Instrumental playing and singing

In the practical part of the aptitude test, you will present yourself in the areas of singing, piano and instrumental playing, depending on the school level and artistic main subject chosen. Information on the respective possible subject combinations and detailed descriptions of the requirements can be found in the information sheets.

Expert discussion

The commission will conduct an interview with you in which you will explain your motivation for studying to become a teacher with music as a subject. You can talk about your musical preferences and experiences and, if applicable, your own pedagogical activities (choir work, rehearsals in the youth orchestra, band work, etc.). In addition, the commission would like to know something about your artistic and musical interests as well as music-related knowledge. By presenting your knowledge of the works you performed in the instrumental examination, we will enter into conversation about general musical questions.

Music theory part

Preparation weekend

In the run-up to the qualifying examination, the studentcouncil and student advisor offer a preparatory weekend every year.

Date: 13/14.5.2023

You will receive further information after receipt of your application