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Lateral entry

A prerequisite for lateral entry is that you have already completed credits in an academic degree program other than the BA Social Work at the University of Kassel, which can usually be recognized for the BA Social Work at the University of Kassel to the extent of at least 30 CP. It is therefore not possible to apply for lateral entry if you can have fewer credits recognized. If you do not meet the requirements for lateral entry, you can have your achievements recognized during your current studies. You can also shorten your studies de facto by having credits recognized during your current studies, as the scope of credits to be completed is reduced by the recognition.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to estimate how long your studies will take in the event of a lateral entry. It is also not usually possible to make an advance assessment of any credits from your previous degree course that may be worthy of recognition outside of the regular application procedure.

Recognition of achievements and recognition of skills

Background information: The recognition and credit transfer procedure is based on the Lisbon Convention (ratified by Germany in 2007 and transposed into federal law and state higher education laws). Recognition refers to academic achievements at foreign universities, at other universities in Germany and in other degree programs at the University of Kassel. Recognition refers to skills acquired outside a university. In the Social Work degree programme, under certain circumstances, credits can be recognized for achievements that were earned, for example, as part of training as a state-recognized educator or Bachelor Professional at a technical college.

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