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Basic knowledge of a second Romance language or Latin must be demonstrated by the time of registration for the examination.

- "Basic knowledge" corresponds to level A2 of the CEFR:

- Such a certificate can be obtained for a fee at the university's internal language center or at other language schools (e.g. DELF, DELE).

- A free option is offered by the Italicum (see link below).

- Native speakers also need a certificate. It is possible to take the placement test to check your knowledge of Spanish or French, but this only takes place at the beginning of the winter semester.

- It is not possible for the institute to cover the costs of courses at the Language Center.


Exam information

Authorized examiners for oral and written examinations for teaching professions

Didactics of French and Spanish:
Prof. Dr. Claudia Schlaak

French Literature:
Prof. Dr. Franziska Sick

Spanish Literary Studies:
Prof. Dr. Jan-Henrik Witthaus
Dr. Manuel García Serrano

Romance Linguistics:
Prof. Dr. Angela Schrott

Regional and Cultural Studies:
Prof. Dr. Jörg Requate (French)
Dr. Celia Caruso (Spanish)

First state examination

The guide is intended for students of French (L1, L2, L3) and Spanish (L3) who need information about the general planning, components, and structure of the written and oral examinations in the First State Examination at the Institute of Romance Studies.