Fuel cells in the energy supply - use of hydrogen

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Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the periodic table in the (known) universe. The Department of Power Electronics (LE) in the Department of Electrical Engineering/Computer Science at the University of Kassel would like to show how this hydrogen can be used as an energy source and alternative to diesel and gas. First, the European interconnected grid will be briefly explained and the challenges of the energy transition presented.

As the LE department is currently conducting three years of research into a power-electronic converter for fuel cell-powered trucks as part of a publicly funded project, the opportunities and challenges for higher-power drive systems will also be presented. Above all, where does the hydrogen come from that we need for the planned changes to our supply and transportation system and what can a future energy supply even look like? These topics will be covered in the lecture.

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Target group: School classes or interested groups with previous scientific knowledge from year 9 upwards

Format: Show lecture

Aim: Insights into current research in the field of power electronics 

Organizer: Department of Electrical Engineering/Computer Science, Department of Power Electronics

Duration: between 30 and 45 minutes

Group size: up to 30 people

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