The world of fungi - lab safari on mycelium-based product research

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Mycelium is the root structure of fungi, which forms a network through which fungi such as oyster mushrooms or shitakes can feed on (waste) materials (e.g. wood chips or hemp fibers). The resulting mycelium network acts like a natural binder that holds the materials together. This naturally occurring process can be used as an environmentally friendly manufacturing process that makes it possible to replace various energy-intensive materials and products. At the end of their life cycle, products made from mycelium material can be recycled or composted and are therefore well suited to a circular economy model. For these reasons, mycelium is currently being researched by many industries for a wide range of applications.

There are already some established companies that produce materials from mycelium and sell them to private individuals or collaborate with other companies or research institutions to manufacture or develop products.

Current applications of mycelium on the market include food, packaging, acoustic panels, fashion or construction elements.

The participants of the event can expect a deeper insight into the world of fungi and the creative and technical research practice on mycelium materials. They will clone mushrooms themselves on Petri dishes in order to be able to observe mycelium growth on a small scale afterwards. At the end of the course, participants will have structured knowledge to start producing their own mycelium materials.

Registration information

Target group: Pupils or interested groups from the 5th grade onwards

Format: Lecture with workshop

Aim: Insight into the world of fungi, their life cycle and the associated vocabulary and workflow for creative work with mycelium materials.  

Organizer: Kunsthochschule Kassel, BIOLAB and Kassel Institute for Sustainability

Duration: 90 minutes

Group size: up to 8 people

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