Job Databases in English

Career areas on homepages

Most companies have an internal career section where you can search for jobs directly (usually found under: job ads, career).
Here you can often also find out whether a speculative application makes sense and who you can contact for this.

Tip: Company organization charts show company structures, here you can get an overview of possible work areas.

Application portals

Application portals are becoming increasingly popular with companies, as many companies no longer want to receive applications by mail or e-mail. If a company has a portal in this regard, you should also use it. Ignoring the portal is not looked upon favorably by companies.

Important: This does not mean copy/paste of words from job advertisements, but an intensive examination of the advertised profile and your corresponding skills.

Usage tips:

  • The portals are automated. That is, the first selection is made according to the presence of pre-programmed searched content and keywords. Try to use important signal words.
  • Read carefully all the given text fields and hints. Examples are often given of what is desired for that field.
  • It is often the case that some questions may not fit your individual profile. Put your resume next to it when you fill it out and check it off so you don't forget any essential information about yourself when you fill out the form.
  • Look at all the questions first and then decide where a piece of information is best placed. In no case should you forget any essential information because the questions do not directly fit it.