Soft Skills

Soft skills are part of the entire application process. They can be found in every job advertisement and are discussed in every job interview. On this page we provide you with information on the primary function of soft skills in applications.

Defin­i­tion of Soft Skills

  • Soft skills, also know as "Interpersonal Skills" or "People Skills", describe a group of essential competencies, which employers require you to have in order to be successful in your career.
  • The soft skills mentioned in the job advertisement should be interpreted correctly. General statements are difficult.
  • Soft skills are over mentioned; from the job advertisement as well as from the applicants themselves.
  • Only the context can determine if the soft skills are important for the position or if they are filler words.  

Tip: Compare the job advertisement you are applying for with others from the same employer. If the same soft skills are being demanded from a trainee and a senior level manager then the individual skills are most likely not as important. If the individual skills vary from application to application, then the soft skills will in fact play a greater role.

Ex­amples of Im­port­ant Soft Skills

The following soft skills are used by employers in the recruiting process and are helpful for students and alumni when entering the job market. The following skills are often mentioned in job advertisements in one form or another:

  • Commitment
  • Responsibility
  • Communicability
  • Teamwork
  • Ability to deal with criticism
  • Conflict management skills
  • Independent working skills
  • Success orientation
  • Resilience
  • Initiative
  • Analytical skills
  • Wide knowledge in your selected field
  • Ability to lead


Think about each soft skill mentioned and what they could mean for the position in question. To find out what the company is looking for exactly, it can be helpful to consider the task area und the desired profile mentioned in the job advertisement as well as information from the website of the company, such as working areas, projects and tasks.

Provid­ing Soft Skills

Simply listing the soft skills that are mentioned in the job advertisement brings little benefit. Soft skills can only be properly presented by giving concrete examples.

Example: If you wish to prove your “communication skills” you would have to think of a fitting example to prove them. The personal example you choose must be a natural one and should be to convince the interviewer or reader of you skills. The phrase “communication skills”, the name of the skill itself, should not be mentioned as the transfer of the skill should happen through the description of situations in which the skill is observable.