To Do List for Job Applications

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  1. look carefully at the job advertisement and interpret from the advertisement text, what is really important for the job.
  2. read the career page and the entire homepage of the desired employer carefully and obtain as much information as possible. For a speculative application, this step is even more important.
  3. compare the information obtained about the employer and the job with your personal profile and look for connecting factors.
  4. look in job application guides. However, don't take anything from there, just get ideas on how you could build the application.
  5. write your resume. Focus on points relevant to the job and summarize or shorten rather insignificant aspects.
  6. write your cover letter. Think about which 2-4 points from your CV best fit the desired position and formulate short sentences for each of these points.
  7. think about which attachments could be really interesting for the employer and select according to that. You do not have to prove everything that is mentioned in the application.
  8. use our application portfolio check, to check your application.
  9. have someone from your circle of friends and family proofread each application. The proofreader must have absolutely no substantive connection to the job you are applying for.
  10. send your application by mail, postal mail or through the appropriate application portal.