Assessment Center

The assessment center represents a special form of job interview.

On this page you will find the most important information about the topics:

What is an assessment center?

Assessment literally means evaluation or assessment, and that's what it's all about: the behavior of the applicant is tested in various situations and problems.

The assessment center is usually used for positions with personnel and budget responsibility or training positions for later management positions. It usually lasts a whole day and thus goes beyond a mere job interview.

What is the goal of an assessment center?

To test leadership personality and expected leadership style of participants.

What is tested?

The exercises such as role-play, group discussion, post-basket exercise, presentation or interview are primarily to be seen against this background. The candidates are primarily tested on the following competencies:

  • Willingness to cooperate
  • Decisiveness
  • Assertiveness
  • Persuasive potential
  • Conversational skills
  • Planning and organizational skills
  • Empathy

More information

You can find examples of possible exercises in assessment centers in our loanable books in the Campus Center. You can also obtain further information and advice during our open office hours in the Campus Center (Mon-Thu; 12-16 hrs).

For your own research, we also recommend extensive career and application sites, e.g. Karrierebibel.