Financial support for internships

In order to ensure that an internship abroad does not fail because of money, it is worthwhile to inform yourself about financing possibilities. Contact points for various scholarship programs are primarily:

In addition, there is the possibility of financing through the department, especially if the internship is connected with a research stay or a semester abroad.

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Paid internships

In addition to a variety of unpaid internships, there are also a handful of paid internships. However, you should be aware that the pay is usually low and not all costs are covered. Within Europe, the allowance for interns is usually between 200 and 450 euros, although this can change at any time. If internships are paid, this is usually indicated in the advertisement, in the opposite case no indication often means no payment. Therefore, when searching, pay attention to keywords such as "paid", "remunerated" or "monthly allowance".

Work abroad

Another option is to take a job abroad to finance the stay. On the one hand, one can look for marginal employment to first find one's feet in the new environment, taking advantage of the opportunity to apply from within the country. On the other hand, you can look for entry-level positions directly, going into salary negotiation. However, you should always evaluate the salary level in comparison to the respective cost of living.